About Us

Our History

"Highest Praise" under the banner of Jesus Saves Ministries started its youth meeting in the year 2009 at a small church compound in the western suburbs of the so called City of Dreams Mumbai, India. It was conceived in the mind of God and passed on to Pastor Nainan Jose, who then shared the vision with few young men and women who had the deepest desire and the passion to serve the Lord. After 2 long years of prayer and commitment, on 5th June 2011, Highest Praise Worship Service was started. Today it is a full-fledged vibrant church with people from different backgrounds, cast, creed and religion coming together with a common goal of knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known to the world around. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and we're looking forward for greater adventures ahead.

Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered Church in an influential city, which impacts and influences people in large that cannot be ignored.

To be the Church where people are saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

To be the Church that displays the love of Christ and connects with people of all walks of life through our creative services, discipleship and outreach programs.

To be the Church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches heaven and changes earth by exalting Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope.

To be the Church that has a message through which lives are changed forever and purpose is fulfilled through the power of His Word.

Our Mission

To Live by Faith, To be Known by Love, and to be a Voice of Hope!



JAM is the children's ministry of Highest Praise Church that believes in presenting the gospel to children in fun and creative ways. Here children get to play, explore and wonder as they equip themselves with the word of God. We call oursleves JAM because we believe the 'Jesus And Me' make a great Team!


ESTHERS the women's ministry of Highest Praise Church, enriches each day by finding invigorating ways of discovering the truths from the Bible, making deep heart relationships and empowering the women to be the voice of this generation.

Our Pastoral Team


Plogy Nainan

Senior pastor

Plogy was born to faithful Christian parent who gave her a beautiful spiritual upbringing right from her small age. A life long mumbaikar, Plogy has worked with financial MNC's over the years, Now as a supportive wife, mother of two children (Nathan & Jordan ) serves as the co-pastor at Highest Praise Church along with her Husband Rev. Nainan Jose. She leads the Women's ministry 'Esthers' being an inspiration and mentor to women around her. She contributes her best in supporting her husbands vision of families discovering their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ. She is todays modern woman, simple practical Christian who embraces joy and has a passion & energy for life through Christ and motivates others to be so too.


Godfrey George

Associate pastor

Godfrey George hails from a traditional Pentecostal Pastors family. From his youth days He was passionate about worship and serving God. Godfrey has the distinguished position of having serve the Lord faithfully along our senior pastor for the longest period of time. He is exceptionally talented as a musician and is an awesome spirit filled worship leader too. Godfrey serves as an Associate Pastor at Highest Praise Church alongside working as a content writer at Tech-Mahindra. He is joyfully married to Pooja Godfrey and is a wonderful Father to their son Leroy Godfrey George.


Presty Varghese

Associate pastor

Presty was born and brought up in a family committed to serving the Lord at all cost. As such he carries a great heritage of Pentecostal upbringing. Presty serves as an Associate Pastor at Highest Praise Church. He is also currently playing the role of the Band Manager of Sheldon Bangera Band along side running his own Business of events Cleveroof. Presty is an anointed young man, very vibrant and dynamic worship leader who often leads worship at Highest Praise Church. Presty is happily married to Sheba Presty Varghese.


Naresh Rajani

Associate pastor

Naresh was born and brought up in a Sindhi Non-Christian family who were engaged in idol worship. He experienced the true love and power of Jesus through different encounters and deliverance in his life at his youth days. He is a man gifted with the spirit of prayer and intersession, passionately involved in personal evangelism among the non believers. Naresh serves as an Associate Pastor at Highest Praise Church leading the Hindi speaking community. He is also a successful business man in the clothing and garment sector. Naresh is a wonderful husband to Sangeeta Rajani and a doting father to his son Shubh Rajani.

"I will build my Church"

- Jesus (Matthew 16:18)